Leave 'Em Kinder™ is a program designed primarily for middle school students (grades 4-8) that addresses the core competencies of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through song.

Developed by Jon Berman, a professional educator and entertainer, it is meant to make kids laugh, learn empathy, be kinder to each other and learn how to deal with their own anxieties a little better.

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Designed with Schools, Camps & Youth Organizations in Mind

  • Includes memorable original songs, engaging examples, group discussion, amusing anecdotes and lifelong lessons that will make a lasting impact with kids.
  • Encourages student growth through self-examination and reflection that can be applied to real life and daily struggles.
  • SCHOOLS: Designed to run multiple times throughout a day and fit within an hour-long block during “specials” so that it does not take away from instruction time.
  • CAMPS & YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS: This hour-long program can run multiple times throughout a day however works best in daily schedules.

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