Jon Berman designed Leave 'Em Kinder primarily for middle school students (grades 4-8) after recognizing a need to address Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Using his experience as a professional musician, he has developed an engaging program that captures the attention of students through song and touches upon a variety of life lessons.

Jon Berman – Leave 'Em KinderJon Berman, M.Ed., is a professional educator and entertainer who has instructed students and led groups since 1993.

Jon's career has included experience in elementary, middle and high schools, as well as higher education administration. His various roles always seemed to come back to the same themes – helping students (and their teachers) with goal-setting and success strategies, followed by ongoing advising.

As a student, Jon often struggled to follow the rules (he spent a lot of time in the principal's office!) – which helps him to successfully reach those students who are difficult to motivate or who don't fit the standard student mold. Because of this, he has been described as the “child whisperer” when dealing with some of our most challenging students.

Jon has been certified as a public school teacher, school counselor and principal. His most recent experience was as an administrator in the Hoosac Valley Regional School District in Cheshire, Massachusetts.

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