Leave 'Em Kinder™ is a program designed primarily for middle school students (grades 4-8) that addresses the core competencies of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through song. It is meant to make kids laugh, learn empathy, be kinder to each other and learn how to deal with their own anxieties a little better.

Designed with Schools, Camps & Youth Organizations in Mind

  • Includes memorable original songs, engaging examples, group discussion, amusing anecdotes and lifelong lessons that will make a lasting impact with kids.
  • Encourages student growth through self-examination and reflection that can be applied to real life and daily struggles.
  • SCHOOLS: Designed to run multiple times throughout a day and fit within an hour-long block during “specials” so that it does not take away from instruction time.
  • CAMPS & YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS: This hour-long program can run multiple time throughout a day however works best in daily schedules.

We’ll cover TOPICS that address the core competencies of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with songs such as:

  • “Milk Came Out of My Nose” – Different perspectives or views of a single moment. Also, embarrassing situations! SELF-MANAGEMENT
  • “Jonny Misses Recess” – Kids say “it’s a free country!” That doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences. Here’s the truth – no one wants you inside for recess. No one. Everyone wants a break from you. No really, you’re not that fun. OK, you are that fun, but everyone needs a break. RESPONSIBLE DECISION-MAKING
  • “They All Are Against Me” – We all share a little bit of blame even if we don’t realize it. RELATIONSHIP SKILLS
  • “Where Do I Fit In?” – Most people want to be in a group. But the decisions made today will impact choices in the future. Addresses expectations of others, as well as drugs/choices. SOCIAL AWARENESS
  • “What’s Your Point?” – We can disagree and still work and live together. One size will never fit all. SELF-AWARENESS

...and more!

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